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To: Premier David Makhura

Life Esidimeni families still waiting for payment

Dear Premier Makhura

The remaining families from the tragic incident of Life Esidimeni who have not been paid. We are tired and frustrated at not being taken seriously and our concerns ignored.

As families we have the following demands:

1. We demand that payment due to us be paid no later than the 10th December 2018

2. We demand that those who do not appear on list should be assisted urgently.

3. We demand the letters NOW not a few weeks later, as families we have waited patiently while the premiers office keeps making excuses and postponing dates.

4. Any further postponements are unacceptable.

We want to make it clear that whether we receive letters or not, that should not affect the payments. The 10th December should not pass without payments.

We no longer want to hear any excuses but demand action from the Premier.

We are tired of the back and forth and excuses.

Why is this important?

While other Life Esidimeni families have been paid [1], there are still remaining families yet to receive payment. Why split the families? [2].
The Life Esidimeni families share a collective pain, why prioritise payment for others and not all? The remaining families also need closure and the payment is necessary for this. The Premier made a public commitment to honour the payments [3], now his office is giving the remaining families the run around and it's not right, haven't they suffered enough! All the families ask for is a firm commitment of the 10th December 2018 as a previously agreed deadline for everyone to receive payment and for the Premier's office to stop postponing and commit.





Gauteng, South Africa

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