To: Sylvia Lucas, Premier of the Northern Cape

Prioritize sustainable provision of sanitary pads in quintile 1-3 schools in the Northern Cape

The SOPA passed, and no provision was made.

Send a direct message to Premier Sylvia Lucas before her State Of The Province Address on the 23rd February 2017 and ask him to prioritize the sustainable provision of sanitary pads to poor schools.

Why is this important?

On average in Mzansi. a girl will miss 60 days of school because of her period [1]. And some are forced to use socks, newspapers and worse because they can’t afford sanitary pads. Over time this can cause girls to drop-out completely. If they struggle through, they often find themselves unable to fully take part in school activities.

Last year, we watched as Parliament introduced Max, the flavoured condoms. While efforts aimed at reducing the rate of HIV/AIDS are commendable, we cannot ignore the plight of the girl child who loses her dignity and time for her studies for something she cannot opt out on.

“You have to enable that child to go to school every day because the concern is that women are illiterate. If (not having access to) sanitary towels make girls not go to school, it should be your primary concern” ANC MP Patricia Chueu.

[1] Dignity Dreams article with information on how many girls miss school a month and in a year:

Northern Cape, South Africa

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