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To: Parliament and the Information Regulator

Protect our private info! Implement SA’s privacy law!

Dear Adv Pansy Tlakula (Chair of the Information Regulator) and Parliament,

Please act now to implement the Protection of Personal Information Act, to protect against the abuse of our personal information by private companies, political parties and government agencies!

Why is this important?

Every day, ordinary South Africans get calls and messages from private companies that want our money, or political parties that want our votes, or banks that want us to take out loans.

But how did they get our information?

There is a powerful privacy law called the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) which is meant to protect every person’s personal info from being traded, misused or stolen [1].

The POPI Act is meant to be enforced by a new privacy watchdog called the Information Regulator (headed by Adv Pansy Tlakula), which can investigate companies or departments that misuse your personal info.

But six years after being signed, this privacy law isn’t fully in force.

After years of bureaucratic delays, the Info Regulator is still not operational.

The law will not come into full force until the Info Regulator has enough staff and resources to fulfill its watchdog mandate.

While these delays continue, millions of South Africans’ personal info have been exposed through ‘data breaches’ by private companies and government agencies [2].

We need the watchdog up and running to investigate and act against companies and departments which misuse our private info. This is especially urgent as South Africa heads to 2019 elections, given the growing risk of personal info being used for electoral interference [3].

We call on the Information Regulator and Parliament, Treasury to act now: get the watchdog fully staffed and operational, and get the POPI law in force!

[1] Read more: What you need to know about the POPI law, at

[2] “Five massive data breaches affecting South Africans,” Fin24, 19 June 2018:

[3] “How Trump consultants exploited the Facebook data of millions,” 17 March 2018:

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Monday 28 January 2019 is Data Privacy Day. Let's use this as an opportunity to say to companies that sell and trade our personal details: #HandsOffOurPrivateInfo

And call on the SA govt to implement the POPI Act urgently:

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