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To: City of Johannesburg

Title deeds for the deserving residents of Pennyville flats

Pennyville was built with the intention to provide housing to the surrounding areas of Orlando East, Zamimpilo informal settlement, Diepkloof, Noordgesig and Riverlea. In the meantime only a fraction of the community (RDP residents) have received title deeds. Flat residents have been left out because they were conned into signing rental agreements with JOSHCO and a private investor (ABSA) which has since sold its stake to another private investor without first offering the units to residents as per the ABSA's title deed condition.

Why is this important?

The majority of people living in Pennyville are currently either unemployed or the families are child run or elderly run with most receiving grants. Most of them cannot afford the rentals and therefore in arrears amounting to thousands of rands. Attempts to address this matter with the relevant authorities have been unsuccessful.

Pennyville, Randburg, South Africa

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