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To: We are petitioning the South African Parliament

Together we can help ensure Parliament brings an end to water problems, hunger and pollution.

We are asking the South African Parliament to adopt the Climate Justice Charter in accordance with section 234 of the South African constitution which provides for charters to be adopted in support of the constitution.
As our elected leaders, you have the power to move South Africa away from coal to solar power. Imagine a country with less asthma because of clean air, less drought, closed taps and power cuts because our communities own renewable energy power. Imagine a country where no one goes to bed hungry, because the greedy polluters are forced to pay the taxes they owe, so everyone can have a basic income grant and the option of a climate job. This is what climate justice looks like.
We call on Parliament to show they will put us the people first, not the rich, by adopting the Climate Justice Charter [complete charter can viewed at: [] in accordance with section 234 of the South African constitution which provides for charters to be adopted in support of the constitution.

Why is this important?

Covid-19 has shown how widespread peoples suffering is and why our leaders need to do more. Water tanks were delivered to some communities but more has to be done. There was strain on social grants, but government did top ups. Now more than ever, if we the people come together in numbers, our elected leaders may have no choice but to listen to us to solve the deeper problems.
All over the world, rich people and countries have made money mining and burning coal for power. Using coal, oil and gas, instead of renewable energy like solar power, is heating our world. So while the rich live in comfort, we the majority are hit hardest by drought and floods. Scientists have warned us that extreme weather like this is going to get worse and worse each year, unless we move from coal to renewable energy like solar. Southern Africa, including South Africa is heating at twice the global average, we are warned that the region will become hotter, and drier. Our recent drought is the worst we have experienced, with devastating consequences for communities. Our drought, increasing tornadoes, storms and extreme rainfall flooding all come with increasing costs for society and are impacting more on the vulnerable and the poor, who have not created these problems. In an unequal society, climate harm and injustice is going to be devastating for grassroots women, children, workers, the unemployed, people with disabilities and poor communities. See climate science document ( prepared by some of South Africa’s leading climate scientists, and which supports our call to parliament to adopt the Climate Justice Charter and to act now.

We the people can ensure Parliament takes a stand for climate justice. How do we do this? By ensuring our elected leaders take climate science seriously and by securing their commitment to our vision, goals, principles and people’s alternatives for a more just future. Since 2015, communities across South Africa have engaged with the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign to create the Climate Justice Charter. This movement is growing, and together we can make sure Parliament adopts the Climate Justice Charter, which gives us a tool to hold our leaders to account. In 2020 we handed over the Climate Justice Charter and the climate science document to Parliament and all our political parties, demanding that it be adopted in the course of 2021.
We will be returning to parliament on 16 October 2021 and we will hand over this petition during our national day of action to end hunger, thirst, pollution and climate harm at a global solidarity assembly with the Climate Justice Charter Movement. Let's make this happen together. Climate Justice is Social Justice!

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