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To: Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Africa, (UNISA) - Prof. Mandla Makhanya

We demand trained staff members at UNISA - Durban main campus

Dear Prof. Makhanya, UNISA students who visit Durban main campus for academic enquiries are always given either wrong information or emails of representatives who work in Pretoria main campus; this leads to students having to travel all the way from Durban to Pretoria to get assistance. Staff members in Durban main campus do not know the curriculum for each qualification accurately, then they end up advising students to take unnecessary modules that they do not need. These issues results to students not finishing on record time and finishing with bad grades. Students need to be advised to take year-modules and prerequisites first to avoid registration challenges in the following year.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to go for career guidance - we need well-trained UNISA staff members who will help students chose suitable qualifications and required modules at start.

Why is this important?

This is important because;
• Durban is very diverse, students who come from deep rural areas need to be catered for in a manner that levels up with their current knowledge.
• Students must be given valid and significant information that does not mislead them on their academic choices.
• .To avoid students from travelling all the way to Gauteng, in order to get their queries attended to, and fixed.
• To ward-off the confusion students have and put them at ease with their studies which will also improve their academic performances.
• To avoid students from wasting time and money by taking modules which are not required for their qualifications.
•Qualified and well-trained staff members can make UNISA one of the best universities in Africa.

How it will be delivered

I plan on delivering my petition through sharing it in all social networks, and hand deliver to those students and individuals who do not have access to social media.



2019-06-07 22:48:07 +0200

We are on 103 signatures, planning to reach 150 by Sunday, the 9th of June.

2019-06-07 22:46:06 +0200

I am still battling with getting Prof. Mandla Makhanya on board; However I am working on getting the message to the head of departments in both Durban main campus and Pretoria campus, via email. I will share more information once I get a reply.

2019-06-07 14:03:38 +0200

We've made it to 100 signatures!!!
Dear Nonhlanhla

Congratulations - your petition We demand trained staff members at UNISA - Durban main campus is taking off!

2019-06-07 12:53:17 +0200

100 signatures reached

2019-06-07 12:47:51 +0200

99 signatures!!!

2019-06-07 08:52:32 +0200

95 Signatures and 5 more to go, Thank yu very much for the support, Please keep on sharing the link

2019-06-06 17:42:02 +0200

2019-06-06 17:40:54 +0200

We've reached 80 signatures.

2019-06-05 15:50:32 +0200

50 signatures reached

2019-06-03 22:45:10 +0200

25 signatures reached

2019-05-30 12:35:45 +0200

10 signatures reached