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To: President Ramaphosa, the Ministers of Health and Labour, Members of Parliament, Tshiamiso Trust, Minerals Council, CEO’s of Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony Gold, African Rainbow Minerals, Sibanye Stillwater and TEBA

Gold miners are dying of silicosis and TB while waiting for compensation, demand action!

1. Just and speedy compensation for sick miners;
2. Just laws through legal reform;.
3. Just administration through institutional reform; and
4. Transparency and accountability in the form of a concrete plan of action, with a time frame and quarterly progress reports to the public.

Why is this important?

Government institutions tasked with compensating sick miners have become dysfunctional with backlogs of 200 000+ unpaid certified claims and an even larger number of unprocessed claims.

Stringent requirements and processing centralised in Johannesburg makes it very difficult for sick and repatriated miners to access compensation.

Many are unaware of their rights to compensation and thousands have already died without being compensated.

Without serious reform of the compensation system, and a concrete plan of action from the TSHIAMISO TRUST, most of the 500 000 miners will die without receiving anything, unless we make this our business and do something.

THE COMPENSATION SYSTEM IS BROKEN and if the R5 billion is not paid out within 12 years, it will remain with the mining companies.



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