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To: The University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria to endorse the Climate Justice Charter

University of Pretoria to endorse the Climate Justice Charter

We are petitioning the University of Pretoria to officially endorse the Climate Justice Charter.
The Climate Justice Charter is a revolutionary document created by a collaboration between climate scientists, indigenous framers, youth activists, and various other stakeholders over several years, through the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign and The Co-operative Policy Alternative Centre.
The charter can viewed in all official language with the link below

The charter is revolutionary because if adopted, it will create a truly just state via Climate Justice. The charter was presented to parliament last year however it needs great public support before it is adopted.
Over 200 institutions have already endorsed the charter, including several schools, however no university has endorsed the charter.
We want the University Of Pretoria to formerly endorse the charter, by doing this the university will prioritise the future of its students, it has great influence over the political landscape in South Africa and adopting the charter will help to push South African government towards adopting the charter.

Why is this important?

In country where half the population already lives below the poverty line, with poor infrastructure and corrupt government, the climate crisis, which makes extreme weather events, such as drought, forest fires and floods ever more unpredictable and even more extreme, making it even more difficult to afford food, have access to clean drinking water and displacing individuals, will cripple us. Our collective future is at stake.

Across the South Africa people have been gathering, petitioning and protesting in the name of Climate Justice. The fight to restore our future.
Climate Justice is, firstly, the understanding that climate change will disproportionately affect underprivileged populations such as women, the working class, people of colour. Secondly then, climate justice actively works towards mitigating and solving the climate crisis in way that actively uplifts those affected individuals.
The charter was created for the sole purpose of achieving climate justice.

If adopted by parliament the charter will lay the groundwork to create a truly just South Africa.
Sign the petition, place pressure on UP to endorse the charter and join the fight to win back our future.

South Africa

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