Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • 562,063 Signatures
    Created by Children's Institute, a member of the Budget Justice Coalition Picture
  • Stop convicted woman abuser Koffi Olomide performance in South Africa
    18 June 2019 - * Gallagher Estate and Shimmy Beach Club have both cancelled the Koffi Olomide's performance
    927 Signatures
    Created by Stop Koffi Olomide Collective Picture
  • Open NSFAS for rejected and pending students
    Majority of people have been funded. But some are not.
    3,637 Signatures
    Created by Kamogelo Maja
  • Tell Minister of Justice to ban public displays of the Apartheid flag
    We sent campaign signatures to the Minister of Justice. The department acknowledged receipt. As well as public pressure, our friends at the Nelson Mandela Foundation made an application to the Equality Court, to have gratuitous displays of the apartheid flag banned. The Department of Justice provided a supporting submission to the affidavits submitted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The Equality Court agreed that the gratuitous displays of the apartheid flag should be banned.
    3,748 Signatures
    Created by Londeka Muhammad Picture
  • Cigarette companies make billions while our lines get longer. Increase the tobacco tax
    The Finance Minister announced a tax increase on tobacco, the increase was not as high as we wanted. However it is still a step in the right direction. A pack of 20 cigarettes went up by R1.14 cents to R16.66;
    1,560 Signatures
    Created by National Council Against Smoking
  • Letter to the Editorial Board of Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition
    The article was retracted by the editor and publisher for "serious flaws exist in the methodology and reporting of the original study". For more info see
    10,268 Signatures
    Created by Barbara Boswell
  • Remove racist and defamatory books
    We have achieved the main aim of the campaign. Redistribution of the book has been stopped. Awareness has been raised. However it seems Exclusive Books will continue to sell the book, stay tuned for more info.
    2,079 Signatures
    Created by Jacqlyne Titus Picture
  • Investigate PMB police brutality and torture allegations
    Nothing will bring back the lives lost. The latest on this campaign is that IPID are investigating and family members of the deceased have engaged the Colonel of the K9 Unit with their grievances which has resulted in an investigation. The families of the five deceased would like to thank everyone who supported this campaign.
    196 Signatures
    Created by amandla. mobi member
  • Dismiss Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana for assault
    While we did not get the full victory we wanted; having Manana dismissed. Through ongoing public pressure he has resigned which is a step in the right direction.
    2,880 Signatures
    Created by Member
  • 1,302 Signatures
    Created by member Picture