• Tell Cell C to stop stalling #DataMustFall
    #DataMustFall got ICASA, the communications regulator, to introduce new rules that stop networks from chowing airtime when your bundle runs out, and making your data expire. But 24 hours before networks had to implement ICASA’s the new rules, Cell C made an urgent application to the court to stop the new ICASA regulations just hours before they were meant to be implemented, them. Now, MTN has joined Cell C in this action. ICASA has pushed back [1], but needs our help to save millions of Mzansi’s people who continue to be ripped off with high data prices. We know that Cell C are merely stalling the regulations, and our savings, with this court action - and we can beat them. Already, thousands of people across Mzansi joined the #DataMustFall campaign, and made submissions to ICASA on how these ridiculously high data prices affect them. Our actions resulted in regulations that will allow us to carry over unused data and not be charged high out-of-bundle rates without consent. If Cell C [2] get their way, it could be a huge setback for our campaign to bring the cost of data down. ICASA is defending the regulations in court, but the networks could drag this matter out to ensure the regulations are never implemented. Already they have blocked ICASA’s ability to penalise networks for not complying with the regulations. Each month that passes without these regulations coming into effect, more money is robbed from our pockets. If we apply enough pressure on Cell C as customers, we could force them to back off this legal action and comply with the ICASA regulations. By emailing the CEO of Cell C about his network’s actions, we will expose them to scrutiny, creating a public backlash that could force them to drop their legal action. Will you sign? [1] ICASA Notes Cell C's Urgent Application To Review The Eussc Regulations. 7 June 2018. [2] Cellphone networks gear up for legal battle over Icasa data ruling, Cape Talk. 6 July 2018.
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  • Tell Telkom to stop stalling #DataMustFall
    #DataMustFall got ICASA, the communications regulator, to introduce new rules that stop networks from chowing airtime when your bundle runs out, and making your data expire. But 24 hours before networks had to implement ICASA’s the new rules, Cell C made an urgent application to the court to stop the new ICASA regulations just hours before they were meant to be implemented, them. Telkom has also taken legal action. ICASA has pushed back [1], but needs our help in creating public pressure to save millions of Mzansi’s people who continue to be ripped off with high data prices. The people of Mzansi voiced how they were affected by high data costs charged by the likes of Telkom and other service providers. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), after public hearings, published End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations which were meant to come into effect on 8 June 2018, relieving the enormous data costs we all face. Telkom said they welcome ICASA’s position on the need for fairness in business practice around data pricing and the expiry of data bundles [2]. And we need to make sure that they remain true to their word. Research shows that low income consumers are paying disproportionately high charges, and are not seeing benefits of competition in comparison to high income consumers who are able to buy larger quantities of data [3]. [1] ICASA Notes Cell C's Urgent Application To Review The Eussc Regulations. 7 June 2018. [2] New data rules: MTN‚ Vodacom‚ Cell C and Telkom respond, Adiel Ismail for Fin24. 29 April 2018. [3] Izolo: mobile diaries of the less connected, Research report by Making All Voices Count. 20 Nov 2017. [4] MTN, Vodacom charging up to 2 639% more for out-of-bundle data - report, Kyle Venktess for Fin24. 12 march 2018.
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  • Tell DUT to pay workers decent living wages and end the strike
    DUT staff moral is at its lowest because of the failure by management and the council to resolve this matter in a timely and respectful manner. Staff also deserve a decent salary for their living, it is a violation of their rights when they are ignored by the Vice Chancellor, management and the Council as well. This frustrates staff, and as a result they are withholding their labour and the whole university is badly affected. We want our kids to study and we want staff that will attend to our student needs in a manner that truly affirms that DUT is a student centred university of which right now is not the case. The strike is affecting students in so many ways. One of the students, Sphamandla Gumede, when interviewed by Independent News said, "it makes me very angry. At home they don’t understand why we haven’t started studying. They are thinking I am coming to university to just waste money." https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/dut-strike-leaves-students-despondent-13300671
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  • Release the Fees Commission report
    The Minister of Finance is schedule to table the medium-term budget on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. This is an opportune moment for government to announce a favorable stance in response to demands made by Fees Must Fall. The "no-fee varsity" report, which the amandla.mobi community successfully mobilised for it to be made public, set out 12 recommendations showing how free university education for students from low income households can be provided. These recommendations have not yet been implemented. Just last week, President Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet and removed Dr Blade Nzimande as Minister of Higher Education. This is a critical time for the report to be released and to allow all stakeholders to engage with its contents. Join the campaign to demand President Jacob G. Zuma, immediately releases the Fees Commission report to the public.
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  • Stand up for inclusivity, support Tumi Morake.
    The comments made by Tumi are her reflection and interpretation of the structural effects of colonialism and apartheid that continue to plague majority of South Africans to this day. As post-apartheid South Africans that are interested in inclusivity and unity, we believe healing will truly happen when we acknowledge past wrongs, own up to the wrongs through restitutive justice, and actively support initiatives that seek to heal and unite us. The current social media onslaught, and the initiatives led by Afriforum and Solidarity to alienate and have Tumi Morake removed from the breakfast show, amongst other things, are not in the spirit of nation building and do not comprehend the spirit under which her comments were made. We petition Jacaranda FM and its shareholders to stand up for the ideals on which the new South Africa is built on which are progressive and inclusive thinking.
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  • Probe the SABC now! Hon Pres Zuma sign the SIU proclamation
    The proclamation, which has been ready since May, will enable the interim board to begin to unpack the extent of fraud, irregularities, and wasteful, fruitless expenditure at the SABC. The SIU investigation is a critical component in the process of restoring the SABC, holding wrongdoers accountable and recovering monies due to the public broadcaster. According to the ad hoc committee report [1] on the inquiry of the SABC released in February this year, the SABC has deviated from its mandate as the public broadcaster. During his tenure as the SABC’s GCOO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng flouted several governance rules, codes and laws, including judgments from the courts and ICASA. Hlaudi’s mismanagement and abuse of power has resulted in a public broadcaster that is financially unsustainable and has compromised the editorial integrity of the SABC. Furthermore, in 2013 the SABC and MultiChoice signed a R533m contract to give the pay-TV company the right to air two of the public broadcaster’s channels. In December 2016, it was revealed that, after the deal was contract in 2014, the SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng scored an alleged R33m bonus, R11.4m of which he has already been paid [2]. As it stands, the interim board only has two months left before the end of its tenure, and this SIU investigation is central to the work that it has been commissioned to do. It is unacceptable that at this stage in the process, the President still hasn’t signed the proclamation. The need for a reliable and accurate public broadcaster cannot be overstated in a country like South Africa, where a substantial number of people receive their information primarily through the broadcast media. This means that broadcast news may be the only media which is accessible for the majority of South Africans. A dysfunctional SABC, therefore, prevents us from truly protecting and enhancing the fundamental rights of all citizens to freedom of information. * http://www.soscoalition.org.za/media-release-mr-president-just-sign-the-proclamation/ [1] https://pmg.org.za/page/https://pmg.org.za/tabled-committee-report/2898?via=homepage-feature-card [2] SABC, Multichoice deal must be probed - leaked Parliamentary inquiry document, Thulani Gqirana for News24. 18 January 2017.
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  • Tell Bongo: #HandsOffSocialMedia!
    We need to send a message to Minister of State Security David Mahlobo: #HandsOffSocialMedia State Security Minister David Mahlobo has stated that government is considering regulations for social media, with the aim of dealing with “fake news” and “false narratives”. [1] That is exactly what the new Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill wants to do. [2] The Bill will make 'malicious communications' a crime, including publishing anything which is 'inherently false' - but who decides what is false or not? Social media platforms are the place that millions of South Africans come to access and share information freely. This is where we exercise our freedom of expression. It’s a vital part of democracy. The Minister of State Security cannot be given the power decide what news is “fake” and which narratives are “false” —democracy is about citizens exercising their own judgement and deciding for themselves! In fact, we have seen across the world that governments that try to “regulate” social media in the name of “national security” has led directly to internet censorship and a clampdown on freedom of expression [3] . In the last year alone these include Brazil, China, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. We will not let Mzansi go the same way! Citizens have spoken: #HandsOffSocialMedia! No spooks regulating the internet! LINKS: [1] http://www.r2k.org.za/2017/03/07/state-security-hands-off-the-internet-no-to-spooks-regulating-social-media/ [2] http://www.groundup.org.za/article/cybercrimes-bill-threatens-our-freedom/ [3] http://www.r2k.org.za/2017/03/07/state-security-hands-off-the-internet-no-to-spooks-regulating-social-media/
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  • Hire a graduate, even if they don't have experience
    We can't get jobs because we lack experience, we are suffering.
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  • Remove racist and defamatory books
    The information, particularly about Coloured people in South Africa is defamatory and racist. The information is ill informed and dangerous in creating assumptions about millions of South Africans. The publisher Paula Marais has taken no responsibility for the chapter by saying other people wrote it and it was verified by people of "that" culture, further exposing her attitude towards accountability.
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  • #JUSTICEFORVUYI - SAY NO TO BAIL for Femicide Accused
    On 2 January 2017, a strong, beautiful and tenacious young woman, with a heart made only of gold, was taken from us. A bright light in the lives of all who knew her, this loving mother of three children, was brutally assaulted and killed by her husband in Westlake, Cape Town. This mother of three was allegedly stabbed in full view of the community by her husband and residents claim he had been abusive towards her. South Africa has a femicide rate five times higher than the global average. “Research proves that the chances of a woman being murdered by someone that she knows or is in an intimate relationship with are much higher than any other type of murder… Motives are often financial, adultery or a love-triangle, custody or a residential battle for children.” – Anni Hesselink. In the words of community leader Vusumzi Nelani “This is a very sad case. This is what happens to many women and if the court is lenient this abuse will continue so we want the court to take this case very serious.” (News24, 26/07/2017) Please take a few minutes to sign today if you can. There are witnesses and three vulnerable young children we need to protect!! If we want our voices against domestic violence to count, we need them to count in court too!! Please share this link for friends, family and colleagues to sign. Thank you very much.
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  • Release the Life Esidimeni Report
    The Health Ombudsman has granted the MEC for Health Qedani Mahlangu time to consult with her legal team [1] and have ignored the pain of the families who have lost their loved ones. By this decision, he has prolonged the mourning, the pain of losing a loved one and closure for these families. Family members have voiced out their disappointment and dissatisfaction at this decision [2]. It is unjust and any procedures that allow for this to happen are equally unjust and must be questioned. [1] http://ewn.co.za/2017/01/16/esidimeni-report-into-psychiatrist-patients-death-looms [2] http://ewn.co.za/2017/01/17/relatives-disappointed-over-esidimeni-interim-report-delay
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  • Hon. Minister Masutha EXTEND the deadline on the Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill
    Just recently, the body of 22-year-old LGBTQ activist Noluvo Swelindawo was found near the N2 highway in Driftsands, a community near Khayelitsha. She had been shot in an alleged hate crime. It is in this light this, and many other cases of ongoing hate crimes against the LGBTI community that we welcome Cabinet’s approval to publish the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill for public comment. The Bill tackles a number of highly complex issues that require consultation with those most affected by the changes - if it is to achieve its stated aims to prevent and combat deaths like Noluvo's - and a proper consultation process takes time. We have waited for many years for the public release of the bill, and it is of utmost importance that the public consultation period allows civil society and the public in general to thoroughly and meaningfully engage with the bill and its potentially far-reaching provisions. After it has taken government nearly four years to draft the Bill, it is alarming that the public has been given a mere five weeks (until 1 December 2016) with a short extension over the holiday season (to 31 January 2017) to comment thereon. If the purpose is to craft an effective bill, the state needs to commit to coordinate robust public engagement and undertake in a process of deep reflection to ensure that the bill that is passed is the best bill possible. The current timeline does allow us to attempt to reach this ideal. As such, we are calling on the Department of Justice (DoJ) to extend the deadline for public comment to the 30 June 2017. We further request clear and detailed information on DoJ’s plan for convening extensive public consultations with representatives from civil society, non-governmental and community-based organisations and interested individuals on the draft bill.
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