• Decriminalise sex work now! Don’t let this moment pass
    Sex work is work, and right now sex workers are calling for solidarity to keep them safe by supporting the call for the full decriminalisation of adult sex work. Some in Parliament support this call and if enough of us make public submissions before the 26th February 2018, we could change the lives of sex workers. Like many other people, Nosipho uses her profession to support herself and her family, to further her studies, to save up for her future and to gain financial freedom and security [1]. But because sex work is criminalised in Mzansi, she and many others, face unsafe working conditions where they face corrupt police who want bribes or rape sex workers in exchange for not being arrested. https://www.youtube.com/embed/dg4l3X9rJHw?ecver=1 This video explains the 4 possible legal models for sex work and why South African sex workers want the full decriminalisation of sex work. Despite the overwhelming evidence showing the ongoing harm caused by criminalisation, the much anticipated sex work report by the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) recommends that sex work remains a criminal offence [2]. Now, for the first time in decades, there's a real chance for change. Sex workers and women’s rights groups, like SWEAT and Sisonke, have loudly condemned the report. Parliament's Multi-Party Women's Caucus noted the flaws of the report [3] and the chairperson of the Caucus stressing that the full decriminalisation of sex work is the only model that respects the rights of sex workers [4]. In just a few days, the Women’s Caucus could help determine what the future looks like for people like Nosipho. If we don’t speak out against this horrendous report sex workers may be sent back into danger. There’s only a few days left to make submissions responding to the report. Make sure to send yours through by the 26th February 2018. [1], I am a sex worker: criminalising my work puts me in danger, Nosipho Vidima for GroundUp News, June 14, 2017. [2] Parliament's women's caucus to host sex work summit, Jeanette Chabalala for News24. Feb 9, 2018. [3] Sex work report on prostitution rejected, Nicola Daniels for Independent News. May 30, 2017. [4] Multi-Party Women's Caucus disappointed about law reform commission report on adult prostitution, Ms Masefele Story Morutoa. June 1, 2017.
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  • Deny Katie Hopkins entry into South Africa
    Katie Hopkins is a white supremacist, a bigot and a racist. Not only does she want to come into South Africa to cover a story that has no factual basis, ie that the farm murders are white genocide and ethnic cleansing of white people, she has also sent offensive tweets about our decorated world champion and athlete Caster Semenya. In the same way that Home Affairs denied homophobic Steven Anderson entry last year, we expect the Department to follow suit in denying Katie Hopkins entry. We already have enough racists to deal with from within our borders.
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  • Stop the demolition of homes in Newcastle
    **UPDATE: The Pietermaritzburg High Court ruled today that the families may not be moved to unstable structures. The Hadebe home in Newcastle, Kwa Zulu Natal will be demolished by Ikhwezi Mining on Friday 15 December 2017. The mine is after the coal in the ground. The Hadebe's and 11 other families were represented by the Department of Land and Rural Affairs who have recently pulled out of the case. The Habede family and its community will be headed to the Pietermaritzburg High Court today, 13 Decemeber 2017, without legal representation. The case will be heard and if the mine wins, these families will spend Christmas in unstable iron structures. https://www.facebook.com/groundWorkSA/posts/2236639909695404
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  • Stop #RhodesWar on Womxn Activists Now!
    #RhodesWar has been trending since Monday, 11 December, as the public became aware of two female students banned for life from UCKAR because they participated in anti-rape protests in April 2016. The outrageous treatment of student activists at UCKAR who are being systematically excluded and victimized for bringing attention to the failures of management to address the flagrant rape culture on that campus can not be tolerated. We must make sure that womxn activists are not punished for speaking out, taking action and challenging patriarchy in institutions of higher learning and elsewhere. Further this latest attack on student activists represents a wider trend where student leaders are being pushed out of universities for daring to challenge patriarchy, capitalism and calling for decolonised education. These limits placed on hard-won democratic freedoms like the right to protest must be challenged. We must fight for the students who risk everything to fight for us!
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  • Help Icasa ensure data only expires after 3 years
    We all hate it when data bundles we have bought, are taken away from us after 30 days, or when our data bundle runs out and the networks don't tell us, so it chows our airtime because we are being charged out of bundle rates. Or the fact that those of us who have the least money can only afford small bundles which expire even faster. For too long companies have made up their own rules and ripped us off. But thanks to our Data Must Fall campaign and other voices, ICASA our regulator has published draft regulations that, if implemented in final form, will prevent networks from expiring users’ data for up to 36 months [1]. The likes of MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom mobile are furious with Icasa, and are crying poor, but we know the truth, and we can ensure people power supports Icasa's bold moves. Icasa is asking for public comment on their draft regulations, the deadline is the 3rd January. We need to cease the moment, and demonstrate enough public support for these regulations, so that these greedy companies don’t find a way to undermine our campaign demands. We need to build on the momentum gained by the Competition Commission launching an Inquiry into the high price of data. For three years our community has fought for justice in many ways. Today, let’s once again come together to ensure that the Competition Commission acts to ensure that network providers don’t profiteer on the backs of those who can only afford the smallest data bundles. Consumers get discounts for purchasing many other basic goods in bulk and pay premiums for buying in small sachets. One of the underlying reasons for these price differences is that it costs more to package and distribute these goods in small quantities. Data is not a product at all. The costs of supplying data reside largely in the billions of rands of investment in the mobile infrastructure and the cable backbone that supports it. How this cost is distributed amongst consumers is in the hands of the operators. In principle there is no reason why data should not cost the same whether bought in small or large quantities. The only additional cost of providing small bundles for operators rests on the billing and associated communication costs. ICASA should demand that operators justify the costs associated with small bundles. At the moment the ratio between the best value package and the worst on Vodacom for 30 day bundles is 1:20 on MTN is 1:29 on Cell C is 1:40 and on Telkom Mobile is 1:10. While we support Icasa’s move to ensure data bundles only expire after 3 years, we only support this being implemented if ICASA ensures companies don’t then remove smaller data bundles that low-income earners can afford, or remove these bundles altogether. Basically, Icasa while ensuring data bundles don’t expire for 3 years, must ensure this does not come at the cost of low-income consumers.
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    This is important because no human being should ever suffer the injustice of being tied down like an animal. We have a responsibility to shield the world's vulnerable peoples. We have a responsibility to stop tyranny in its tracks. The overt racism diaplayed here is deplorable. The fact that all the slaves to be sold are Black African suggests an even more horrible statement. NO TO SLAVERY ! SLAVERY IS AFRICAN HOLOCAUST !
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  • Release the Fees Commission report
    The Minister of Finance is schedule to table the medium-term budget on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. This is an opportune moment for government to announce a favorable stance in response to demands made by Fees Must Fall. The "no-fee varsity" report, which the amandla.mobi community successfully mobilised for it to be made public, set out 12 recommendations showing how free university education for students from low income households can be provided. These recommendations have not yet been implemented. Just last week, President Zuma reshuffled his Cabinet and removed Dr Blade Nzimande as Minister of Higher Education. This is a critical time for the report to be released and to allow all stakeholders to engage with its contents. Join the campaign to demand President Jacob G. Zuma, immediately releases the Fees Commission report to the public.
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  • Support the #UFSShutdown
    These issues we raise relate to the academic, physical and socio-economic well being of students. The university is mandated to work on achieving these goals. Your support is required to pressure the university to take decisive actions in ensuring it does so. The university must declare no increment, a revised timetable, its support for our cause, the provision of free WiFi and the accreditation of student accommodation. We can no longer allow UFS students to be exposed to these issues.
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  • Release the 13 persons arrested by the Tanzanian Police
    The arrest in Tanzania last week of 13 people accused of the “promotion of homosexuality” has been called “a terrible human rights violation” [1]. Two of those arrested are from South Africa and include well-known human rights lawyer, Sibongile Ndashe, executive director of the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (Isla). The arrests took place in Dar es Salaam last Tuesday when the Tanzanian police raided a legal consultation meeting, convened by Isla and Community Health Services and Advocacy (Chesa). "The group was arrested while preparing for a case challenging the Tanzanian government’s decision to ban drop-in centres that served people particularly at risk of contracting HIV. This was according to the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (Nadel), which released a statement at the weekend." [2]. Nadel’s publicity secretary, Memory Sosibo, said the actions by the Tanzanian law- enforcement agencies were a clear attempt to instil fear among those who wished to legally challenge the actions of Tanzania’s government. [1] https://mg.co.za/article/2017-10-22-sa-human-rights-lawyers-arrested-in-tanzania-for-promoting-homosexuality [2] https://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/news/south-africans-detained-in-tanzania-for-promoting-homosexuality-11663994
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  • Remove Vetus Schola from CPUT
    Although there may be wide and reasonable disagreements with respect to both the goals and tactics of the student movement for free, quality and decolonised education, as well as the goals and tactics of university managements, the securitisation of campuses can never be an effective way of resolving differences. Such securitisation can and has already has caused bodily harm and trauma to protestors, by-standers, academics, support staff and security personnel themselves, while further exacerbating fear and mistrust, thereby polarising positions and undermining academic freedom. It is unreasonable and unsafe to expect students, academic staff and support staff to continue the academic project under these conditions. Moreover, it is antithetical to the pursuit of a negotiated solution that will enable the completion of the academic year successfully. Academics and concerned persons, please sign the petition with your name and affiliation.
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  • Wits University, fire KPMG now
    Auditing firm KPMG is in the news, after withdrawing their report into the so-called ‘rogue unit’ of SARS [1]. The allegations made in the report led to the removal of senior SARS investigators who were investigating money laundering and tax evasion. KPMG also reportedly helped divert R30 million tax payers’ money meant for a Free State government empowerment project to fund a wedding [2]. Wits University describes itself as an institution with a “commitment to social justice”, yet continues to do business with firm that enabled theft from the public- crimes which divert money from much needed services. As a publicly funded institution itself, Wits University knows the damage caused by this. The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) a body tasked with protecting the public, has launched an investigation into KPMG. But the harshest sanction the IRBA can impose is a R200 000 fine [3], an amount that is a slap on the wrist considering the cost of the damage caused by the auditing firm. While 6 senior executives, its CEO and chair have resigned, this is not enough. Already companies like Sygnia have dumped the auditing firm [4], let us demand that Wits University joins them. KPMG shouldn’t be profiting from any public institution. [1] SARS vows to take legal action against KPMG over withdrawal of 'rogue unit' report, Kyle Cowan for TimesLive. 18 September 2017. [2] #GuptaLeaks: The Dubai Laundromat - How millions from dairy paid for Sun City wedding, amaBhungane and Scorpio. 30 June 2017. [3] Audit watchdog sharpens its fangs, Lisa Steyn for Mail&Guardian. 11 Aug 2017. [4] Sygnia axes KPMG over Gupta links, Business Day. 28 July 2017.
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  • Oppose bail for Bronkhorstspruit accused
    Racism continues unabated in South Africa. Just recently, we heard of the coffin assault case, farmers 'mistaking' humans for monkeys and firing at them. If we are to put an end to racism, then we need to ensure that all race-related cases brought before the courts are dealt with the the contempt they deserve and that perpetrators are brought to book. With a history of oppression and racism, South Africa needs to send a strong message that such behaviour is frowned upon and will meet the full might of the law. The dou assaulted and threatened to kill a nine-year old girl. The girl is reported to have given a statement where she outlines what transpired. “While we were looking for our dogs, we saw white males. We then decided to hide in the trees, but the white males approached us. I ran; that’s when I fell and I saw one of the man carrying a big gun. He reached out and grabbed my arm,” the girl said in her statement. “And then the man slapped me with an open hand I fell to the ground. He then ordered me to jump the fence to go to the tree near the house. He then slapped me again with an open hand,” she added. Source: They shot at me as I ran away, says girl aged 9, Mathlatsi Dibakwane for Independent News. 13 September 2017.
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