• Fight corruption, demand transparent service delivery in [put the name of your municipality here]
    We can improve service delivery and fight corruption in our Municipality by ensuring all Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) are public and easily accessible to all. Some politicians, officials and businesses are scared about transparency, but if they aren't doing anything wrong, what have they got to hide. * This campaign by amandla.mobi is supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.
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    Created by Vusi Sodiye
  • Block sales of Gareth Cliff's book 'Cliffhanger'
    Former ‘Idols SA’ judge Marah Louw was fired after slurring her words and swearing on television. She had been drugged by her colleague Gareth Cliff. Now he’s trying to make a quick buck by boasting about spiking her drink that night in his new book. After he’d spiked her drink, Gareth Cliff tweeted that “Adults must take responsibility for their actions”. He was talking about Marah Louw appearing drunk, knowing he had spiked her drink. Let’s make him take responsibility for his actions. There’s a simple way we can stop him making cash out of this horrible incident. A huge wave of public opinion against companies that stock his book could force his books off the shelves. Can you sign the petition demanding the top booksellers take his book off the shelves? No-one should make money from drugging a woman.
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  • Fight corruption, demand transparent service delivery in Emalahleni Local Municipality
    We can improve service delivery and fight corruption in our Municipality by ensuring all Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) are public and easily accessible to all. Some politicians, officials and businesses are scared about transparency, but if they aren't doing anything wrong, what have they got to hide.
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    Created by Chris Van Rooyen
  • City of Joburg Municipality - Make public your disaster management funds and plan.
    On the 9th November 2016, Joburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni were hit by severe flash floods where 6 lives (and counting) were lost. Cars were submerged under water due to poor drainage systems that saw our roads fill up and sweeping cars and causing mayhem and death. This despite warnings by the Weather services of La nino much earlier on in the year [1]. In a recent speech at the Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa Conference in September, Minister of Cooperative Governance Mr Dez Van Rooyen stressed the importance of incorporating Disaster Management into Municipal Intergrated Development Plan (IDP) to ensure disaster risk reduction [2]. In recent months, we witnessed the life of little Angela Sibanda being snatched from her by heavy floods. Her life-less body swept down a river while she was attempting to cross to get to school. The Joburg Municipality still has not erected a bridge to this day, perhaps they are still waiting for more lives to be lost. We also know that most squatter-camps where the poorest live, are built in low lying areas that pose a risk especially when there are flash floods i.e the banks of Jukskei. It cannot be that our Municipality is caught off-guard when disaster strikes. "One of the core functions of Disaster Management and PIER Directorate is to ensure that departments have contingency plans and are ready to respond pro-actively,to any hazards that happen in their departments rather than react." What is the point of a contingency plan if citizens are not warned and prepared in time? Must lives be lost first before the Municipality implements this grand plan? By making public the Disaster Management plan the Municipality will not only allay fears but will ensure that all citizenry they service is informed and prepared when disaster strikes. [1] http://city-press.news24.com/Business/weak-la-nina-a-fillip-for-sa-20160610 [2] http://www.ndmc.gov.za/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=mSxdxgDEDuA%3d&tabid=39&mid=611
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    Have you ever wondered about the impact of a woman's period on society? For many women around the globe and in particular our home country South Africa, this is a daily challenge, especially when trying to have access to affordable sanitary wear. At present the majority of women around the world are currently on a menstrual period and there are millions of women who do not have access to this basic necessity, especially our school-going young women, who can ill-afford to miss school during their developing years. Those who can afford sanitary wear, are then subjected to paying tax on acquiring a basic necessity to feel clean and comfortable, during a period. With the escalating price of sanitary towels it would be most welcoming if our government can drop the tax on this very important commodity. In order to grow a self-sustainable country we need to ensure that we create a strong foundation and that is investing in our future generation. The women of our country serve the backbone of our economy and if we cannot ensure their well-being then the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. Please SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP TAXING OUR PERIOD
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  • Take Skhumba Hlope off air until he apologises
    Amidst the violence at Wits University, Sarah Mokwebo, Hlengiwe Patricia Ndlovu and Lerato Motaung stripped during the protest at the main campus saying they were tired of being brutalised. The three women‚ faced the police with their hands crossed over their heads in an effort to stop the violence. Skhumba Hlope thereafter uploaded a video of himself body shaming the three women, making reference to "droopy breasts" also making fun of their stretch marks and bellies. While we completely support freedom of expression, Skhumba's comments are part of institutionalising the policing of women's bodies and reinforcing the idea that they exist for public consumption. By taking him off air until he publicly apologises, Kaya FM will be sending a firm signal to us all that the station does not endorse such views.
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    Created by Koketso Moeti
  • Petition to address the list of demands of SFMFDefiance
    This is in accordance with FREE decolonized education.
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    Created by Thato Malema
  • Respect Customary Marriages In South Africa
    MEDIA RELEASE: New date agreed by the parties in the recognition of Muslim marriages class action Today, Monday 20 March 2017, the before Human Rights Day, a new date was agreed by the parties concerned for the recognition of Muslim marriages class action to heard by the High Court. The 28th August has been agreed. A directions hearing was convened by the High Court this morning after the Judge President ordered the consolidation of a further matter pending before the High Court which similarly highlights the plight of Muslim women. There are several matters that are pending at a number of courts across the country. This is testament to the fact that Muslim women are struggling to assert their rights because their Muslim marriages and the consequences arising therefrom are not legally recognised. They have no option but to plead their cases with the courts and the judiciary. Given the importance of the matter three judges have now been appointed to hear the matter. Namely; Judges S Desai, G Salie-Hlophe and NP Boqwana. This morning saw women come to the steps of the High Court from all over Cape Town to show solidarity and support for this matter. The lived reality of these women is that legal protection has been denied to them some 16 years after the Constitution came into force. This results in widespread oppression and gender discrimination in areas such as divorce, the duties of support, parental rights and responsibilities and inheritance. Press Release On Other Case Outcomes: http://www.wlce.co.za/images/press%20releases/WLC_Customary%20Marriages%20Act_Limpop%20ruling_020816%20press%20release.pdf Article: Are nikah and sindoor equal to wedding rings and lobola?: http://www.standup.co.za/bambanani-social-justice/resources/63-wlc-customary-marriages-case.html Also Read: http://www.polity.org.za/article/official-customary-law-and-the-disruption-of-patriarchal-power-the-case-of-msinga-2013-09-26
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  • Stop the bullying of Caster Semenya
    What Paula Radcliffe has put Caster Semenya through, is what Serena Williams has had to face as a Black woman in sport. Caster Semenya is humbly focused on her running, and we stand by our champion and against bullies. We call on Ratcliffe's sponsors, publishers and business partners to respect Semenya's human rights and protect her bodily integrity and wellbeing.
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  • Stop drugs trade in Rosettenville, JHB-South
    We see everyday the dangers of drugs and the ripple effect they have on our already deteriorating psycho-socio-economic conditions. If we do not do anything about it, it will only get worse. The future of our beloved country lies boldly in our kids, very astonishingly. We must fight this war on drugs. This brings me to the most vital and painful truth, "Lelilizwe lizobuswa yizinyoni..."
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    Created by Mandla Masuku
  • Business and industry must heed urgent call to save water
    Women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection. They often have to walk an average of 7 Kilometres a day just to collect water. If businesses reduced their water usage by 10%, 624,000 households would gain access to 30 kilolitres a day. For a sector that uses 27% of the total water supply overall, the response from the business community to date has been inadequate. While South Africa has been hit by one of the worse droughts in its history and the people of Mzansi have been inundated with messages on individual responsibility to save water, we fail to see a similar commitment by the business community, who have the resources and the money to act. We cannot allow for business interests to put profits before the lives of people. Endorsed by: ActionAid South Africa, African Civil Society Centre, Project 90 by 2030, Gender CC, Federation for a sustainable environment, Jukskei Catchment Management Agency Forum, 350Africa.org
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    Created by shanaaz nel
  • Violence Against Female Students
    For far too long females have been exploited and abused and no justice was served. It's time females are protected from males who exploit, sexualised and objectify them. Our mothers did not fight for our freedom for us to be exploited and for us to be toys for patriarchy.
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    Created by Sanelisiwe Ntabeni