• Amend the Port Rex THS code of conduct
    Black Scholars have been for a long time been excluded from and oppressed by the code of conduct. It is time for that to stop.
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    Created by Bhut Lekese
  • Stop discrimination at Sutherland
    This is important as we believe that everyone should be accepted as who they are in their mosh natural form . No race or culture should be placed above the other , everyone should feel as if they belong equally .
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    Created by Lizeka Rahlogo
    We are a nation that is not at rest. Our society is dealing with the most, from the onset of the democratic dispensation, it was obvious that the advent of democracy would not miraculously transform the lives and lived experiences of our people, given the atrocious past that we come from. Realizing the inadequacy of government policies to transform and build a more equitable society, from the Reconstruction and Development Program, to this days’ National Development Plan, and the many attempts by the state to rebuild this country, the realities call for even more actions to achieve a country which we all can be proud of. It is in this context, with the call in 2015 by the brave students at the Universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Rhodes for wide and meaningful transformation in our universities to the heroic protest by the young girls of Pretoria Girls High School who claimed their right to wear their afrocentric hair. We believe that we have been subjected to conform to eurocentrism for many-many years, not only as pupils of the school, but by extension even in life outside of the school. We call for a more inclusive Code of Conduct, one which we can all be agreeable with. If society is to be truly inclusive and transformed, no one should be left without scrutiny.
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    Created by Lwando Mtshizana
  • Stop Racism at Pretoria Girls High
    Right now, learners at Pretoria High school are demanding that racist practices at the school are brought to an end. Girls attending the school have been forced to straighten their hair; are accused of conspiring when standing in groups and face other intolerable comments and actions. We stand in solidarity with the learners, who marched at the school on the 26th to say enough is enough. It is unacceptable that in a country in which Black people are a demographic majority, we still today continue to be expected to pander to whiteness and to have it enforced through school policy. Black children should be allowed to just be children, without being burdened with having to assert their humanity.
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    Created by Koketso Moeti
  • Support workers, boycott Robertson wines
    Poverty has a human face. The Marikana Massacre and the farm workers strike in the Western Cape, in 2012-13, forced into the public consciousness the reality of workers condemned to live in poverty. Poverty is, indeed, now recognised by all political parties as being one of the three main scourges disfiguring our once ‘new’ South Africa. But, for many of us, poverty still remains an abstraction that distances the meaning of what it is to be poor. The unprecedented strike currently happening at Robertson Winery, an easy distance away from Cape Town, is a timely reminder that hard work still leaves large numbers of South Africans unable even to feed their children. Recall the shock when we discovered, in 2013, that farm workers in the wine districts were expected to live on R69 per day. The shock shamed the government into increasing the statutory minimum wage to R105 per day. We, who were discomforted by the discovery of poverty wages in our midst, were re-assured by the government’s quick action. What we chose to forget is that R105 per day is itself a knowingly inadequate wage. Research bodies were quick to point out that even the R150 per day that the workers had been seeking could not sustain a family of 4. That was in 2012. Inflation – especially when measured for poor families – means R150 buys even less in 2016. The gross wages of the workers on strike at Robertson range from R95.34 to R115 per day! Since negotiations started 4 months ago, workers have been disciplined and calm, yet bosses refuse to compromise or negotiate. The Robertson Winery has offered their workers a daily increase that begins at R8.80! The upsetting aspect for many of the Robertson Winery workers is that they realise that Robertson Winery is making hundreds of millions of Rands in profits every year. The workers from Robertson Winery are resolute and clear: they do not want an increase of R8,80, they want enough money to live – they are demanding a living wage, and they will continue fighting until they get what they deserve. The most effective way of showing our support for the workers and outrage is to boycott all Robertson Winery wines. Look for the label – and then buy something else.
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    Reliable transportation is a basic need. It is a basic need that allows us to get to work, school, hospitals/clinics and stores to satisfy other basic needs. Without a reliable transportation system we are either unable to satisfy these needs or we struggle to do so. We have left the City of Tshwane to its own devices where the Tshwane Bus Service is concerned and this has clearly been a fault on our part. They are clearly not willing to step up and fix the bus service themselves so we need to prompt them to do so. This is the most affordable option for us. If we could find alternative transportation then we would have done so a long time ago. It is time we were heard and took the necessary steps to hold the City of Tshwane accountable for what they're subjecting us to. This is a service you have been promised. Demanding that the service operate efficiently and that your needs as a paying customer be considered and catered to is not asking for much. Make your voice heard. Help ensure you get the service you're paying for!
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    Created by Sandisiwe Samuels
  • Stop the bullying of junior doctors
    In a country like South Africa, we can't allow an 'old boys' club to bully and sabotage anyone who speaks out against racism or sexism. It's alarming that this happens in our health system. The fact that a senior doctor advised Yumna to destroy her internship logbook [1], shows there is a huge cover up within medicine to silence those who speak out. After Yumna lodged a complaint about her experiences, she was targetted by her Head of Department who refused to sign off on her internship. While the Health Professions Council of South Africa overturned the Head of Department's decision, what is clear is that the 'old boys' club that exists within medicine sabotages those who dare speak out against sexism and racism. For this to occur in a profession that is first and foremost there to create a healthier and safe South Africa, is alarming. Respect should be a non-negotiable value in our health system. [1] https://www.thedailyvox.co.za/junior-doctor-exposing-harassment-racism-hospitals/
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    Created by Concerned South Africans
  • Undo the damage of rape culture promoting textbook
    South Africa has one of the highest incidents of rape in the world. Teachers should not be put in a position where they are expected to stigmatise and victim blame rape victims.
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  • Pay the Kruger National Park Claimants NOW!
    Claimants rights are important to correct the injustice of the past. Some claimants have died not seeing justice, among them, the great Chief Muyexe.
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    Created by Cynthia Gobrin
  • Stop the bullying of Caster Semenya
    What Paula Radcliffe has put Caster Semenya through, is what Serena Williams has had to face as a Black woman in sport. Caster Semenya is humbly focused on her running, and we stand by our champion and against bullies. We call on Ratcliffe's sponsors, publishers and business partners to respect Semenya's human rights and protect her bodily integrity and wellbeing.
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  • Stop Anderson promoting hate speech in South Africa
    Steven Anderson is a well-known spewer of hate speech against specifically the LGBTI community as this article attests to. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/06/24/watch-anti-gay-pastor-who-wants-to-kill-them-all-gets-bad-news-and-throws-massive-temper-tantrum/ Southern Law Poverty Center deemed Anderson and his church, Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, a hate group. Also, the Secret Service was out to Anderson's house to question him because he and his church prayed for Obama's death. He is coming to Kempton Park to bring his unique brand of hate to South Africa, and this cannot be tolerated or allowed as LGBTI rights are protected by the Constitution, and there is already enough homophobia the flames of which do not need fanning. This is not a petition against Christianity, but against using Christianity as an excuse to call for the death of a certain sector of society and to spread a message of hate and intolerance. GaySA Radio is taking the lead on this and asking everybody who stands for peace and love to sign this petition. We are calling on all LGBTI organisations as well as Human Rights Organisations, as well as the South African public at large and the international community to show their support. www.gaysaradio.co.za For live updates listen to http://gaysaradio.ndstream.net
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    Created by Gay SA Radio
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    Created by Khomotso Ntuli